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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conta-me Estórias daquilo que eu nao vi: Never Trust what´s not on the Paper

Mais uma vez te dizem que o que havia sido falado atrás será real mais à frente,
que sim, que está praticamente no papo, asseguradissimo...
e no final, já tomada a decisao...
é Nao... "I´m sorry, there will be another chance for sure."

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Conta-me Estórias daquilo que eu nao vi: "Politiks, The Eye, Essense, Live"

José: Politics is the power of others, not your own
Altruism is the closest you'll get to Democracy
 me:  not bad said.. Do you like politics & dirty tricks?
 José:  Politiks
it's inside your head
look around you
everyone's living a movie
it's the world out there
and it's around you
 me: But the movie is directed by those guys that we somehow elect...
we think... "é o melhor entre os piores..."
elegemos o que consideramos o "mal menor"
 José:  i say
there's a wall around us
feel its grease surround you
 me:  The Wall
 José:  try to breathe those eyes around ya
 me:  but it´s hard if you don´t have motivation
if it looks all the same grey shit
 José:  you'll get sick of it, anyhow
 me:  yeeee
 José:  and then you'll have to cure it
 me:  just shoot 
 José:  shoot him with your eyes
 me:  yeeeeeeee
 José:  they see more than a bullet will
 me:  same same, but different...
 José:  life, it's all the same samewhere
it's the sameware that we shaer
don't shame the same
 me:  there are some nonsense
 José:  as shaer is share
 me:  that provoke fear
fear that provokes sour faces
sour faces that get panic
 José:  share with care
 me:  panic that generates nonsense
nonsense that demands a shepherd
sheaperd´s that come from the sky
 José:  till the burden becomes flair
 me:  and announce salvation
salvation that is written donw in books, treathies
 José:  the shepherd cares for share
 me:  and the abstract becomes safe
 José:  anywhere but the eye
that's where it all should be written
 me:  the eye writes or records what´s to be written?
 José:  it's all written there, if you stare
 me:  fate?
i think life is an underconstruction masterpiece
fate may give you some stillness
but it does not give you all
everytime you look... there´s something different
 José:  fate just puts you face to face with your destiny
enjoy it
i trend home in lost highways as solitude approaches with a beam of silent light
that's how I know I've lost eternity
and have traded it for something else
 me:  hope tomorrow when you open your Eye again...
or the day after...
you may see that eternity is what you left behind to others: bits of you
 José:  that's your eternity
 me:  in a memorie, in a word, in a smile
in a caress
 José:  makin' ya live forever
 me:  yeap
 José:  gotta go now
 me:  ye
 José:  time is of the essence
and the clock is tickin'
 me:  Essence....
 José:  miracously tickin'
 me:  Be water my friend
flow with life
contorn the rocks
the fallen trees
the deepts
don´t fight them too much...
 José:  I will my friend
be wind my friend
fill the insides with new essence
made of nothing
 me:  Pure Nothing
 José:  be the same within' the brick
as the same is without it

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give me a true reason

En razón hay ... Verdad?
Im Grund gibt es ... Wahrheit?
في السبب وهناك... الحقيقة؟
In die rede daar is waarheid?
En raison il ya la vérité?
در حقیقت دلیل وجود دارد؟
이유에서 진실이있을 꺼야?
Í Ástæðan er sannleikur?
In ragione c'è verità?
Em razão não há verdade?
Horregatik dago egia en?
V Důvodem je to pravda?
Nedeni ise gerçeği var?
Σε there'is λόγος αλήθεια;
Во причина there'is вистината?
कारण there'is सच में?


Conta-me Estórias daquilo que eu nao vi: "Conto a 2"

No principio, as coisas estavam confusas, e ouviam-se as coisas mais pelo ouvido direito que pelo esquerdo.
Certos refroes eram cantados em dias de festas protocolares, em que se passeavam os galos de gala.
Mágicos colocavam unhas a secar em parapeitos de vidraças, desgostosos com o caminhar dos tempos"
As virgens substituiam velhas concobinas, a pedido de um rei que se queria purificar.
No mercado no entanto a vida seguia colorida alheia às nuvens opacas que passavam pela mente dos sabios
Entretanto, tu quase de partida, já entre as ranhuras de um novo dia.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visions of Humanity - Ark Hotel

XXI century is looking in a way a Astroturfing vs. Grassroots state of life/mind.
Bit like the new concept Ark hotel by russian architect Alexander Resimov (Remistudios).
"Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels. The floating behemoth is a 'biosphere' conceived as a safe, self-contained haven in case of disaster. Boasting a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, the shell-shaped hotel would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters."

Ark Hotel

Architects say the Ark's shell-like construction of arches and cables evenly distribute weight so it is also invulnerable to earthquakes.

The design uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water.

The greenhouse-like environment also provides for lush vegetation to help with air quality and provide food sources.

Because of the see-through structure enough daylight is filtered through internal rooms to reduce the need for lighting.

And to ensure quality of light, the frame is protected with a self-cleaning layer.

The Ark has been designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects' program Architecture For Disaster Relief.

Alexander Remizov, of Remistudio, said: 'For architecture there are two major concerns.

'The first is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one is protection of natural environment from human activities.

'The Ark is an attempt to answer the challenges of our time.

'Provision is made for an independent life support system.

'All the plants are chosen according to compatibility, illumination and efficiency of oxygen producing, and with the aim of creating an attractive and comfort space.

'Through the transparent roof there is enough light for plants and for illuminating the inner rooms.'



What is it that we really feel?


Visions of Humanity - Surrealistic Shot´s

Very interesting photographer here


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sky of Blue. Sea of Green

"Paseio no lombo de camelos numa paisagem mongol do deserto de Gobi na Mongólia). (foto from
Need some rest


What goes on?

in your mind,
 I feel I´m upside down
Lady be good, do what you should
know it will be alright


Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Iang hum Iang?
Yeng hum yeng?
Seng hum Seng?


Dive 2011

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Date: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:01 PM

Washed a intense 2010 via a dive in 2011 sea of the atlantic.

Let the sea in me flow