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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Influenza - Good comercial opportunity

Enquanto as populações temem uma eventual pandemia do vírus H1N1, o preço das acções das farmacêuticas e das empresas de defesa sobe nas Bolsas Internacionais.  

Friday, April 24, 2009

Early mourning dreaming

Dreams have come to wake up themes.

The answer is not given, but the questions are raised.

That in away is what evolution is.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conta-me historias daquilo que eu nao vi - (n)Arrow

Is that really the way? - said the arrow to the bow

In the wind that surrounded the moment, the eye did not blink while the fingers pulled the string tension turning the bow into an elipse streching its shape to swallon the arrow.

The golden star shined on the spring sky and the arrow cuted the air guided by the eye.

Perfetly aware of its speed, not so sure of its target.

The bow did not sound more than the short sound of a muted harp.

The eye didn´t blink, nor did the arrow

Just before the arrow realize, that there was no more gravity


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Pouco a pouco tudo se constroi.
Tudo se vai de algum modo alcançando, mesmo que o destino em mente vá mudando.
Agora, sim reflecte o Sol no Mar.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The path

[18:06]  somebody is starting a trip today
[18:06] to the lands of which you are in
[18:06] expectations and xcitment fullfils it´s mind, body and soul
[18:07] that perhaps you may have the opportunity to see in their eyes
[18:07] after long years banned
[18:07] another son makes it´s way home
[18:07] to face the past in the present
[18:08]  ah, sweet old catharsis
[18:08] where reality will show what it is
[18:08] not what it was
[18:09] but their eyes will see what is
[18:09] facing the mind of what it was
[18:09] and from the contrast
[18:09] a new vision will be born
[18:09] and evolution will take place
[18:09] like it was
[18:09] it is
[18:09] and will be

Larsen B - a floating continent

Maybe someday we´ll meet ya face to face

Sleepwalkers daydreaming

that´s what most of us urbe citizens look like while we daydream for something that we search for since the begging but never reaches an end.
In the meanwhile, we stare at each other´s, trying to be focus, but taking our eye to a face to face in the last attitude that we tend to cultivate in the small piece of healty earth that we smile when it´s green now that´s spring.
We tend to get individually religious: in our thoughts, in our beliefs, in our fashion, in our foods, in our work, in our depressions, in our happiness, in our ego. Gods&Energies seem so far away that invent our little heavens & hells.
Some might say this is nonsense. Some may don´t.