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Monday, April 06, 2009

The path

[18:06]  somebody is starting a trip today
[18:06] to the lands of which you are in
[18:06] expectations and xcitment fullfils it´s mind, body and soul
[18:07] that perhaps you may have the opportunity to see in their eyes
[18:07] after long years banned
[18:07] another son makes it´s way home
[18:07] to face the past in the present
[18:08]  ah, sweet old catharsis
[18:08] where reality will show what it is
[18:08] not what it was
[18:09] but their eyes will see what is
[18:09] facing the mind of what it was
[18:09] and from the contrast
[18:09] a new vision will be born
[18:09] and evolution will take place
[18:09] like it was
[18:09] it is
[18:09] and will be


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