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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

take a photo to this beauty

Exemplar de uma série de 25 prototipos fabricados pela empresa alema de Ernst Leitz em 1923. Dois anos mais tarde nasceu a marca Leica tomando as 2 primeiras letras do apelido do dono com a palavra camera.
Segun consta esta foi a primeira Leica que se exportou, enviou-se aos Estados Unidos para patentar-la.
Foi vendida por 1,32 milhoes de euros num leilao na galería Westlicht, Viena/Austria.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Vision´s from 15-M km 0 Madrid Plaza del Sol - The Spanish Revolution (¿?)

Note: this is simply a vision of what it may be from an outsider.
15-M Movement
Branch: Madrid, Plaza del Sol (km0)
They are: 15-M Movement, Very well Organized, mix of people,  divided by Action Groups (politics, economic, Social, Food, Health) , camped in Madrid Plaza del Sol; They want to spread branches to local comunities and Barrios/districts, other Autonomies, Countries. Descentralize is now the key I suppose. Network is king, will it be a mess?
They belive: Active Citizanship, Horizontal Hierarquie of their organization and decison making, team Spirit, Diversity of ideals (but mostly social), not a political movement, not a political party event.
They decide: In Popular Assemblies held when found suitable and appropriete (can be daily), unanimous vote (by hand in the air)
They pacificlly protest for: a Real Democracy (need to define this), to consolidate in few points what are they protesting for (their are discontent with the actual political/economical/social system)
They have: No rush to define the aim of this protest (even though its hard to make decisions or pact ideals and bullet points). They have to define why are they there and where are they going with this?
They will stay?: as long as the General/Local assemblies find suitable (and Goverment does not decide to get them out like they did in Barcelona´s camp in plaza catalunya)
Let´s see where they go, I admire the citizenship mobilization that they have created, put back politics, ethic, values, belives, etc on the street talk from kids to grandpas. And for me that´s the goal they have achieved... The rest is turning to politics...
In Madrid plaza del Sol is a mix of a socio political action, ideas, actions but also has converted into a touristic attraction.
The Media is king in the XXI century, and 15-M knows and uses that.

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From here to there



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Km 0 15-M

A ratificar ?
1. Reforma electoral encaminada a una democracia más representativa y de proporcionalidad real y con el objetivo adicional de desarrollar mecanismos efectivos de participación ciudadana.

2. Lucha contra la corrupción mediante normas orientadas a una total transparencia política.

3. Separación efectiva de los poderes públicos.

4. Creación de mecanismos de control ciudadano para la exigencia efectiva de responsabilidad política.

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Movimento 15-M: Comic from "elroto" in Elpais today

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Food 4 Thought

A Delicadeza é uma Arte que nao faz ruído...


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spain is Diferent? - Movimeinto 15-M

But the original come from Egypt.
In any case, not a bad movment.
Vision: Creio que o futuro da Democracia será bastante influenciado pelos Movimentos de Cidadania. Só assim reduzirá a abstençao, só assim voltará a discuçao politica entre todos, só assim se poderá refrescar os partidos politicos.

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Friday, May 20, 2011


times will change


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No comments

UE formaliza empréstimo de 26 mil milhões a Portugal
"Os 27 ministros das Finanças da União Europeia aprovaram hoje formalmente o empréstimo de 26 mil milhões de euros a Portugal correspondente ao Mecanismo Europeu de Estabilização Financeira (MEEF), disse fonte comunitária à Lusa."


Monday, May 16, 2011

Will we?

In general nobody cares about politics except politicians (about their politics).
Abstention is King.
In general most just want to get on with our lifes and what we have (umbilical thinking, no harm done?)
But what we have or get along is getting scarce, limited and sometimes taken by some invisible force called "financial crisis".
Maybe in general we can now start to care about what´s politics?...


Monday, May 09, 2011

Shukram, I sleep

Marrakech is a salmon color living Zouk with the heart in Jamal el Fna.

So many people, colours, sences, cars, motos, dunkies, etc everywhere in all streets that you have to watch out always for trafic, while you are constantly being called to enter a shop, buy this, buy that "Español?, Italiano? Frances?". Everything serves to get your attention... and once there´s eye contact, there´s no way out for not having a conversation... "Primeiro estranha-se depois entranha-se". Barguin is essencial if you want to survive.
Hamman I sleep, Ment Tea a must, and discover tagin au poulet, citron et olive.
Essaouira, ex-Mogador, is charming atlantic ocean village, with a diferent pace, much more tranquile, good to get out of the kaos Marrakech... Good for a week by the beach holiday maybe...

In any case... Some good times to get out of the establishment and go inside another way of life, culture, religion, socialization and connections.

Great trip.


Advice: You are too bright to fade away

fuck the demons, fuck the hate, fuck the pressure, fuck perfection, fuck body, fuck brain, fuck pills, fuck tv, fuck isolation, fuck socialization, fuck papper, fuck war, fuck peace, fuck fuck...
Open the door, just take a walk in the nature, and hear other things then your insides...