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Monday, September 15, 2008

Oct 1929 = Oct 2008 : Is this it?

The economic complex models and risk taking structure, basis and strategies are in a way colapsing. Butterfly efect, or colateral damages are enforced naturaly in a society that (quot from the NY times article 14/09/2008 Op-Ed Columnist Roger Cohen "Premiumsize or Perish":

"(...)nobody likes to look like everyone else or consume the same way. The result is what marketers call a “differentiation frenzy.” It’s particularly acute because, in a postideological world, who you are is defined less by what you think — if you think at all — than by what you purchase and eat."

HeadMusic: Castles Made of Sand (Jimmi Hendrix)

"And so Castles made of sand, fall into sea... Eventually"

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