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Monday, June 09, 2008

Are we designated to be in this uncertainty that is the base of the 21st century?

Are we designated to be in this uncertainty that is the base of the 21st century?

Why are they still selling us insurance? Why are we just keep saying that this as to change, but get lost in explaining what must change? Why do we keep giving psychotropic pills the bigger chance, and glue our brains and earths on the Live TV coverage of the World on the Screen? Why do Wii do sports? Why do Wii do mind games or gymnastic our eyes? Why do we still procreate and want to control every steep of the process? Why do we search and follow the media (even though not believing in everything), and become so obese with standard fix information that we just don´t remember if it´s not repeated and coverage on the web to exhaustion (we just shallow it as a hole, no time to chew, no time to make digestion)? Why don´t we do anymore Science fiction movies? Why aren´t we all those bold, furless white perfect human beings with the perfect society rules and actions of the before? Why did we evolve so much on communication routes and sources but don´t communicate properly with our neighbours, and prefer to hide sullenly behind a computer and monitor? Why do we love the remote control?Why do we eat more than we want and vomit afterwards in other forms of lifestyles? Why are you still believing (good to know)? Why do you still get out of bed in the start of each day?

I !¿think!¿ we are just Trying to Hard surviving (¿not?) to be Humans.



Anonymous Katrin said...

I do believe it is in everyone´s power to stop this process. To calm down. To re-live. But for this you need to be brave, risking to lose all the plastic-safety the world is offering. If it´s worth it? I don´t know, but maybe, yes.

8:15 PM

Blogger Dv said...

Plastic-safety: good concept.
I also belive it´s in each one´s power to CHOOSE and/or CHANGE.

But anyway, some parts of the world just look like they are running, and running, and running in circuls for the carrot that someone or something is olding at the end of the cane.

Take your Time, Colour your Life

10:59 AM


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