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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Fire Torch Attraction - View on Olympic Games & World Politics and Movements

The Olympic Games (OG) are (were?) the symbol of unity between countries and their people in the form of athletes.
History tells us that even if countries were in war in the old Greek times, they would stop during the games (maybe starting again once they were finished).

In a way this concept, this golden rule, this world agreement in my opinion is emerged in a socio-political relation:
- We have agreed do nothing but compete in sport in safety and with the same instruments and judgment rules of the game for all participants.
Both athletes and judges are representatives off all the ones who are involved in the OG. This is a deal, a compromise.

This year "some" citizens of the globalize world used this mass media event to make a political statement against the Tibet issue.
The torch and it’s route, monitored by all the world media tools and channels, is the target to make that statement: Free Tibet.

To be heard in the 21st century you have to be on the news consistently every day, every hour, every second. Otherwise our everyday changing and forgetting minds will automatic put it in the Recycle Bin and substitute it for something else that’s "hot" on the news with 24h coverage. In that way they are doing a pretty good marketing & communication job. They just have to follow the torch and try to interact with it with Tibet related banners or symbols mixed with China ones.

The message is so big that now every country as to make a statement too (and I bet they didn’t want to... China is a good and wealthy friend that everybody wants too keep. But on the other hand people/voters have tendency to be on the "weak" side and even more if its symbol is the light inspiring and spiritual Dalai Lama.)

Until now in the Wold Political Scenario, everybody´s waiting to see if this is really a "global and united expression", waiting to see who makes the first move.

The Olympic Committee keeps sending the same message: we must not try to use the OG for political statements. They will maintain that posture: it’s their job.

China keeps it silent (as usual) but is taking notes of everything and everybody’s statements and positions. They have taken so long to open their door to a global public world event that looks unfair that when they finally did it the world "slap" them in the face.

Now it seems that it was the momentum that everybody was just waiting for: a clear and massive opportunity to interfere directly with China´s internal affairs.

The European Union is divided (as most usual in external policy) but, after a Parlement discussion it was stated "a posible boicot to the opening day of the Games if China doesn´t compromises to seat and speak with Dalai Lama".
I would not be surprised if some EU countries would be sitting and other don’t. That’s what I call "The European Personality and diverse character". This may show again the difficult path to become a real Political Union, additionally to the consolidated € Economic Block.

The USA is too busy with the circus campaign, but since it also touches America they have to make a gesture: everybody (candidates from both liberal and democratic) have pointed "reflection" as a response. I think they´re waiting for the pool results to come out after the San Francisco torch walk: they will sate what pools say most Americans prefer.

As for Mr. Bush Government, they were more busy with NATO and missile shield prevention allocation agreements with EU and Russia (in special).

In Latin America I don’t know what’s their position may depend on the left or right side of the political party on Government, but I think that they are focusing more on their local situations (Colombia with Bettencourt and the FARC, Venezuela with nationalizations and getting "the Simpsons" out of the TV, Bolivia with internal opposition, Brazil with dengue, Argentina with strike on transport, Haiti with hunger, and the commodities price rise in general due to the eco-energy technologie trend).

Africa as too many internal issues to really state something, with execption of some countries like S. Africa. If conflicts and wars could Feed, Africa would be obese.

Asia in general maintains the traditional silent and "it’s not my biz" attitude and goes on with daily life struggle. After all, the "mind your own biz" attitude as been keeping away most of the inter-country war real scenarios for centuries in most of the continent.

For China, Tibet is China.

For Tibet, Tibet is Tibet.

For the world Tibet is Dalai Lama.

It’s ok to express your opinion for a cause. It’s ok to fight for it, as it is not to agree with it.

At this stage, all this mass media and eye polution makes you just think: Do the means are ok with the cause.

Fact: With all this mass media circus, Tibet is now (at least until the Games start) on the Top 5 of the World agenda, and the world countries main actors will have to make some kind of a statement.

Let´s see how this goes, if it´s not just another 15seconds of fame for some...



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