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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Conta-me Historias daquilo que eu nao vi... (The Short Story of a Sun in a girls eye)

  me:  Walking around with the sun on her eyes
 José:  hidden inside her eyes, soaked up by her eyes
 me:  the sky did grow in its magnificent dusk
 José:  (wow, you seem to be seeing nice and true things, might I have seen them already as well) -
dusk grew during the night as sadness in her eyes kept the sun inside a wall
 me:  "Getting nearer..." She whispered to the wind. Then with her finger an invisible draw was made in the air with the growing sky in the dusk..
 José:  so she squinted there was something awfully wrong in all this: how could she love something that irritated her?
 me:  So with a just sight and a blink of her left eye...
 José:...all was said
(Picture: not mine)



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